Avoiding War in Iraq

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photoThe reality of war is closing in on us, we can almost taste it. More troops are
moving toward the Middle East, war reporters are setting up shop, embassies are cleared to bare bones essential employees and deadlines are moving closer and closer. But as we arm and brace ourselves for what many are feeling is now inevitable, others in America and abroad are still frantically searching for that last minute, eleventh-hour, Hail Mary idea to still avoid war... to find a non-violent solution to still disarm in Iraq. At this point, what would it take? A dramatic visit by Bono or the Pope or Jimmy Carter? A major national letter-writing campaign? A face-saving compromise with France, Russia and Germany. Tonight, brainstorming ideas to still avoid war.


James Carroll, Columnist for the Boston Globe and Author of "Toward a New Catholic Church: The promise of Reform"

Dr. Jeswald Salacuse, Henry J. Braker Professor of Law at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and author of "The Global Negotiator: Making, Managing, and Mending Deals Around the World in the Twenty-First Century"

Johan Galtung, Director of TRANSCEND, A Peace and Development Organization for Conflict Transformation

Charles Sheehan-Miles, Former Gulf War Combat Veteran, Executive Director of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute, and National Representative for the Veterans for Common Sense.

This program aired on March 11, 2003.


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