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Blair Makes His Case for War

This article is more than 20 years old.
photoAs the world braces for war, Tony Blair makes his final case for an Iraqi invasion to the British Parliament. The debate illuminates a world view unlike Washington's.

In Tony Blair's speech opening today's debate on the Iraq crisis in the House of Commons, he said:

"...the world has to learn the lesson all over again that weakness in the face of a threat from a tyrant is the surest way not to peace but to war."

To hear segments of Tony Blair's March 18th speech to the House of Commons, the vociferous reaction of British parliamentarians, and analysis from Anthony Dworkin and Pippa Norris, click the "Listen" link above.

For a full transcript of the speech, click the link on the left.


Anthony Dworkin, London-based writer and analyst and Editor of Crimes of War Project web site

Pippa Norris, Lecturer in Comparative Politics at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Editor and Author of some
20 books on politics and public opinion. Among them, "Britain Votes 2001"

This program aired on March 18, 2003.


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