The Ben Taylor Band

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photoBen Taylor is of strong and very familiar musical genes.

His mother is the great singer/songwriter Carly Simon and his father is the folk-rock legend James Taylor. That's a lot to live up to, but Ben Taylor does not walk away from his lineage.

He taught himself the guitar by learning his father's songs, and was instructed in songwriting with a 15 page manual written for him by his mother.

Ben Taylor has kept his music in the family. He regularly performs with mom and dad at appearances and on his latest album "Famous Among the Barns", the title inspired by a Dylan Thomas poem, he has both James and Carly singing backup. On Point looks at the Ben Taylor Band, singing with a new generation in the shadow and light of a vaunted gene pool.


The Ben Taylor Band

Ben Taylor - Lead Vocals and Guitar

Rick Musallam - Guitar and Vocals

Adam MacDougall - Percussion and vocals.

This program aired on May 2, 2003.


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