Yo-Yo Ma and the "Belle Epoch"

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Yo-Yo Ma was born in Paris. His first musical memories, and music lessons, were Parisian. Then came America, full classical training, and an explosion of genius and fame.

Yo-Yo Ma never felt comfortable staying in the classical tradition. His repertoire has covered music from the four corners of the earth from the touchstone of a Bach Cello suite, to sultry tangos, folk tunes from Appalachia, and the ancient music of the Silk Road.

In his latest CD, Yo-Yo Ma goes back to "la Belle Epoch", or the "great age" of Paris at the turn of the 20th century. The Paris's of Monet and Cezanene, of the new Eiffel tower, and of the dreams of Marcel Proust. It was also a magnetic Paris that lured Yo-Yo Ma's father to leave old world China for a European city, alive with new art and ideas.

Tonight, reliving the music of the Belle Epoch and more with Yo-Yo Ma.


Yo-Yo Ma , Cellist. His latest two CDs are entitled "Paris: La Belle Epoch" and "Obrigado Brazil."

This program aired on May 9, 2003.


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