Homeland Security

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photoIs the United States doing enough to prevent or prepare for another terrorist attack? A survey of 2,041 urban hospitals done by The General Accounting Office reveals a nation unprepared to meet the challenge of a major attack.

Controversy over funding for flight marshals and a damning report on the "woefully unprepared" system of first responders by the Council on Foreign Relations have further fueled fears that the government is not doing enough to prevent another attack and respond adequately if one does take place.

Supporters of the administration's efforts claim that the U.S. is doing a good job preventing attacks and that first responders don't need more money, they just need better spending strategies.


Marsha Crosse, Director of Health Care and Science Issues, U.S. General Accounting Office

James Carafano, Senior Research Fellow for National and Homeland Security, Heritage Foundation

Richard Garwin, chair of the U.S. State Department's Arms Control and Non-proliferation Advisory Board and Director of Science and Technology at the Council on Foreign Relations.

This program aired on August 8, 2003.


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