Grunts on the Ground

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photoThe confrontation in Iraq grinds on, and attacks on U.S. troops have increased in the past few weeks. 313 U.S. troops have now been killed in Iraq, more than half of those since the end of what President Bush called active combat operations.

U.S combat troops have had to adapt to new jobs that were not the focus of their training. Marines in Iraq have had a crash course in riot control, policing, and even civil administration - and they are working without a net. In the desert heat, under duress and sometimes under fire, the details of their daily lives have been slow to reach the home front.

Click the "Listen" link to hear from two Marines, back from Iraq, recount the march through war and into its troubled aftermath.


Corporal Zachary Johnson, United States Marine Corps. 1st Marine Division

Lance Corporal Jeremy Villa Nueva, United States Marine Corps. 1st Marine Division.

This program aired on October 6, 2003.


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