Ramadan Bloodshed in Baghdad

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photoThe first day of Ramadan was greeted with disaster in Baghdad. At least 35 Iraqis were killed this morning after a series of bombs exploded during rush hour. The attacks followed a rocket attack on a hotel that nearly killed Deputy Secretary of State Paul Wolfowitz.

The U.S. military is quick to point to "foreign fighters" trying to upset progress in Iraq. The White House calls the attacks of the past few days "desperate." Who is this sophisticated, highly coordinated enemy? What is their strategy? And how can the US rebuild Iraq in the chaos?


Ian Lustick, Professor of Political Science at University of Pennsylvania, author of "Unsettled States Disputed Lands: Britain and Ireland, France and Algeria, Israel and the West Bank-Gaza" and "Right-Sizing the State: The Politics of Moving Borders"

Andrew Winner, professor of strategic studies, Naval War College

Robert Killebrew, Col. US Army Ret. Former professor of strategy at the Army War College.

This program aired on October 27, 2003.


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