Armey's Axioms

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photoFormer House majority leader and outspoken conservative Dick Armey was as well known for his positions - limiting government, lowering taxes and supporting free markets - as he was for his axioms. Tonight, On Point, Armey looks at the current administration and explains why "macho hurts" and "you can't get your finger on the problem if you've got it to the wind."


Dick Armey, he served in the House of Representatives for 18 years, the last eight as House majority leader. He was the ranking Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, the chairman of the Republican Conference and the chairman of the Select Committee on Homeland Security. He is now co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, which promotes free markets and limited government. His newest book is "Armey's Axioms: 40 hard-earned Truths from Politics, Faith and Life."

This program aired on December 16, 2003.


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