Signed, Sealed, But What Does it Deliver?

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photoThe ink isn't even dry on the new interim constitution but debates over what it all means for Iraq and America's involvement are in full swing.

The road ahead may be even rougher, warns The New York Times' John F. Burns from Baghdad. Burns says "Americans could face a darkening path, to an uncertain future." Others see a more hopeful picture and look on today's signing as a step toward democracy in Iraq.

We'll examine the new interim constitution and then get two very different perspectives on what it portends for both Iraq and the U.S.


Nicholas Blanford, reporter with the Christian Science Monitor in Baghdad

Ian Lustick, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania

Max Boot,
senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, author of
"The Savage Wars of Peace: Small Wars and the Rise of American Power;" Noah Feldman, former senior constitutional advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, professor of constitutional law at New York University.

This program aired on March 8, 2004.


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