Philosophical Counseling: Pros and Cons

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A new type of counseling called philosophical counseling is gaining steam. NPR now has a show "Philosophy Talk," and there are bestselling books on the topic. But can traditional philosophical approaches to the age-old questions of life actually help people get out of their ruts? Some want to make philosophical counseling a state-certified profession; others call philosophical counselors misguided, and even charlatans. There are rifts even among philosophical counselors.


Lou Marinoff, professor of philosophy, City College of New York. He is founding president of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and author of the book, "Plato! Not Prozac: Applying Eternal Wisdom to Everyday Problems"

Elliot Cohen, co-executive director, American Society for Philosophy Counseling and Psychotherapy. He is director of the Institute of Critical Thinking in Port Lucie, Florida and author of eleven books, including "What Would Aristotle Do? Self-Control through the Power of Reason"

Maura Tumulty, assistant professor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University. She specializes in philosophy of mind and philosophy of psychology.

This program aired on March 25, 2004.


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