Fighting Emotions on the Homefront

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photoAbout 70 coalition troops, almost all American, and 700 insurgents have been killed this month, the U.S. military said today.

The situation in Iraq is grim and no one is watching more closely than the American families who have loved ones on the frontlines in Iraq.

Click the "Listen" link to hear from some of the families on how they are coping with the anxiety, their take on America's role in Iraq and their reflections on the 9/11 hearings.


Jack and Bernice Wipfler, their two sons, Eric and Mark, are Marines serving in Iraq

Mildred Mortillo, son Steve is an Army private in Iraq, Mildred is a member of the organization "MIlitary Families Speak Out" and she opposes the war

Sue Giardino, son Joe is a lance corporal in Marines, second deployment

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst, a senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly magazine

This program aired on April 12, 2004.


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