Confessions of a Tax Collector

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photoRichard Yancey was an aspiring writer who hung out with a theater crowd when he saw a help wanted ad in his local paper for a revenue officer. He was dubious about working for the IRS. But he liked the pay and the prospect of steady employment. And, it turned out, he loved the work. He became fiercely competitive, wanting to collect more money and seize more property than any other revenue officer in his region. He went under cover, sifted through garbage and went on a car chase to collect what the government was due. He called it "feeding the beast." Yancey's tour of duty inside the IRS.


Richard Yancey, he worked for twelve years as a revenue officer for the Internal Revenue Service. His new book is "Confessions of a Tax Collector: One Man's Tour of Duty Inside the IRS."

This program aired on April 14, 2004.


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