The New Black Elite

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photoAfrican Americans born after the Civil Rights Movement are now signing on to the economics movement, says Fortune magazine writer Cora Daniels in her new book, "Black Power Inc."

Daniels points out that today's African American generation is not marching with fists raised for equal rights but walking into business meetings with powerpoint presentations, shooting for top positions in the business world, and winning. Their role models are black business titans such as Richard Parsons at Time Warner, Ann Fudge at Young and Rubicam, and Ken Chenault at American Express.

Click the "Listen" link to hear writer Cora Daniels talk about her new book and the new base for black power in America.


Cora Daniels, staff writer for Fortune Magazine. She is author of the new book "Black Power, Inc.: The New Voice of Success"

Earl G. Graves, chairman of Earl G. Graves Ltd., which publishes Black Enterprise Magazine

Richard Gay, Senior Vice President at VH1 and Country Music Television

Ronald Walters, director of the African American Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland. He is author of "African American Leadership."

This program aired on May 4, 2004.


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