Arab World Reacts to Abu Ghraib

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photoAmerica's standing plummets in the Middle East. President Bush talks to the Arab world on satellite television. But is it enough? A conversation with Arab journalists from Lebanon to Egypt to Saudi Arabia.


Khaled Al-Maeena, editor of Arab News in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Hisham Shihab, editor of Al Balad in Beirut, Lebanon

Mamoon Fandy, senior fellow at the United States Institute for Peace, also a syndicated columnist, his work appears in the two largest pan-Arab dailies: The Cairo-based Al-Ahram and the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat

Youssef Ibrahim, managing director of the Strategic Energy Investment Group, columnist for Gulf News based in Dubai, former foreign correspondent for the New York Times

Imad Adib, host of the television show Ala Hawa, a news and analysis program broadcast throughout the Middle East. and editor of the Egyptian paper Nihadat Masr

This program aired on May 5, 2004.


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