Homer to Hollywood

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photoOne need not go to the movies to see epic moral battles. On the battlefields of Iraq, war, peace, and heroism are being fought under the watchful eyes of the world.

A similar battle is being fought on the movie screen. "Troy," the newly released movie starring Brad Pitt, is number one at the box office. But what does the Iliad show us about war, peace, and heroism, and does the movie stay true to its message?

Click the "Listen" link to hear some of the best classics scholars in the country and a top film critic, who have seen the movie, battle out this epic poem's significance.


Barry Goldfarb, tutor in the great books program at St. John's College

Thomas Palaima, professor of classics at the University of Texas at Austin, author of the op-ed "The Difference Between Hollywood's Troy and Homer's"

Jeanine Basinger, chair, film studies at Wesleyan University.

This program aired on May 21, 2004.


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