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photoThe once golden U.S. Track and Field team is finding its luster fading in a steroids scandal that could leave many of its top athletes out of the starting blocks in Athens.

Kelli White, the world sprint champion at 100 and 200 meters, has admitted she used undetectable steroids provided by athletes. Earlier this week, four more track stars, including Tim Montgomery, the fastest man in the world, have been notified that they are under investigation. America's top female runner, Marion Jones, has not been formally accused but is also under investigation.

The Olympics have grown more competitive and more commercial since those first games in ancient Greece. Is the world's love affair with the Olympics flaming out?


Shaun Assael, author and senior writer ESPN The Magazine

Dr. Don Catlin, director of the Olympic drug-testing lab at UCLA and the scientist who last summer first identified the steroid THG, professor of molecular and medical pharmacology at UCLA, member of The International Olympic Committee

John Hoberman, author of "Moral Engines" and "Darwin's Athletes," his forthcoming book is entitled "Testosterone Dreams."

This program aired on June 11, 2004.


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