China Rising

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photoRecent projections forecast that China is well on its way to becoming a superpower in manufacturing, technology, and telecommunications. It is now the world's second largest consumer of oil, and is exporting everything from TVs to DVD players to cell phones.

Americans benefit but are also threatened by the "China" price being set lower and lower. It is a good trend for consumers but not for manufacturers in Midwest America.

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Ted Fishman, contributing editor, Harper's Magazine. His cover story "The Chinese Century" ran in a recent issue of The Times Magazine

Orville Schell, Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. He is author of nine books about China including "Mandate of Heaven: The Legacy of Tiananmen Square and the Next Generation of China's Leaders"

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and a senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on July 14, 2004.


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