Good Therapy, Bad Therapy

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photoOver 20 million Americans enter psychotherapy each year for conditions ranging from anxiety to depression to bipolar disorder. But how good is the therapy they receive?

Some doctors are now pushing for more evidence-based therapies over the traditional, long-term talk therapy approach. They say that if a patient suffering from depression can be cured in ten sessions, it's better for the therapist, the patient, and the HMO. But other doctors fear that an overemphasis on the studies and surveys may mean losing the intuitiveness of the doctor-patient relationship that makes therapy so successful.

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David Burns, psychiatrist who trains residents at Stanford University School of Medicine, cognitive therapy guru and author of "The Feeling Good Handbook" and "Ten Days to Self-Esteem"

Drew Westen, professor of psychology, psychotherapy and behavioral sciences, Emory University

Alex Rodriguez, chief medical officer, Magellan Health Services, the largest managed behavioral health care company in the country.

This program aired on August 16, 2004.


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