Kerry Fights Back

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photoControversy over John Kerry's Vietnam war record has picked up in the last few weeks, and both campaigns are fanning the flames and pointing fingers at each other.

The Kerry camp has put out a new advertisement blaming President Bush for a campaign by a "front group" of veterans accusing Kerry of embellishing his war record. The Bush campaign denies any involvement with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and is denouncing attack ads on both sides.

Click one of the "Listen" links to hear about the Swift Boat Veterans, who funds them, and how Bush is responding to Kerry's counter ad attack.


Matea Gold, political reporter, The Los Angeles Times, covering the Kerry campaign

Dan Payne, Democratic media consultant

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard

Bill Schneider, senior political analyst CNN

Michael Tomasky, executive editor The American Prospect

This program aired on August 23, 2004.


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