The Ownership Society

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photoPresident Bush's repackaged domestic economic plan is sweeping, rewriting the tax code, retirement savings, and healthcare savings. This all comes under the rubric of building an "ownership society" in America.

The Bush team says individuals are better at spending their own money than the government is, and that shifting economic responsibility to you and your family builds a nation of "stakeholders." But the Kerry camp says that the Bush plan puts dire economic risk on those Americans least equipped to shoulder it: the struggling middle class.

Click one of the "Listen" links to hear about the Bush "ownership society" — the proposals, the politics, and the impact it could have on you.


Richard Dunham, White House correspondent for Business Week

Tim Adams, director of policy for Bush-Cheney 2004

Gene Sperling, chief economic advisor for Kerry-Edwards 2004

This program aired on September 7, 2004.


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