The Domestic War on Terror

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photoAttorney General John Ashcroft has not been shy about praising his Justice Department's war on terror. In the wake of September 11, the Justice Department adopted a series of initiatives designed to track down terrorists on the domestic front. In all, these measures resulted in the detention of over 5,000 suspected terrorists.

But, three years on, not one of the detainees have been convicted of a terrorist offense. And now critics are saying his results have not matched his rhetoric, and that civil liberties have been given the heave-ho.

Hear about John Ashcroft's War on Terror and the bottom line on the Justice Department's work since 9/11.


David Cole, law professor, Georgetown University, author, "Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism"

Richard Samp, executive director, Washington Legal Foundation

Frank Dunham, federal public defender for Yaser E. Hamdi.

This program aired on October 4, 2004.


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