The Transformation of Lou Dobbs

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photoTwo years ago, CNN's top business journalist Lou Dobbs was known for his cozy relationships with CEOs. But ever since his show began tackling the topic of outsourcing, Lou Dobbs has become a no-holds barred crusader with his outspoken criticism of offshoring and corporate America's abdication of responsibility for the American worker.

Dobbs regularly rails against government policies that help move jobs to China and India, and his website indignantly lists pages of companies that are outsourcing jobs. Critics say he's taken his campaign too far, while economists claim he's misjudged what's happening. But Lou Dobbs refuses to back down.

Hear about the evolution of Lou Dobbs' coverage of business in America and the outsourcing of jobs in America.


Lou Dobbs, host, "Lou Dobbs Tonight" and "Lou Dobbs Financial Report," columnist for Money magazine and US News and World Report, author, "The Lou Dobbs Money Letter"

Randall Kroszner, professor at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

This program aired on October 6, 2004.


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