Media Credibility Crisis

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photoConservative commentator Armstrong Williams took money from the Education Department to endorse the "No Child Left Behind" law. Three news executives and a senior producer at CBS are fired after an investigation finds that a "60 Minutes II" segment on President Bush's National Guard Service was shoddy journalism.

From Mea Culpa admissions to opinion-for-hire, the media is taking a beating. Public skepticism toward the news media is growing. Suspicion and anger cut across the political spectrum, right, left and center.

Hear a conversation on what's driving the crisis in American media credibility.


Alexandra Marks, staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor;
Leroy Sievers, former Executive Producer of ABC's "Nightline" and visiting Professor at the University of California's Annenberg School for Communication;
Michael Hoyt, Executive Editor of the Columbia Journalism Review.;
Jill Geisler, Professor of Ethics and Leadership, Poynter Institute;
Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor of Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on January 12, 2005.


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