Bush's Second Act

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photoAs George W. Bush prepares to serve his second term as U.S. President, his watchers have a better sense of the person leading the American nation.

But a lot could change. The nation is embedded in a foreign war. Questions about Bush's foreign policy remain, just as he puts forth an ambitious domestic agenda.

What does Bush's character and history tell us about how he might lead the nation over the next four years? Long-time Bush trackers consider the possibilities.


Robin Abcarian, national features editor for the Los Angeles Times;
Wayne Slater, senior political reporter for The Dallas Morning News, co-author of "Bush's Brain"

David Ignatius, columnist for The Washington Post

Midge Decter, essayist and social critic

James Pinkerton, columnist for Newsday, former staffer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush

Maura Reynolds, White House correspondent for the Los Angeles Times during the first Bush term.

This program aired on January 20, 2005.


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