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The New SAT36:17

This article is more than 14 years old.
photoThe next time high school students sit down and take the SAT exam, things are going to be different. Beginning in March, there will be a new writing section, harder math, grammar, and no more analogies.

What won't change is the controversy. Since the SAT was first introduced in 1926, educators, students, and parents have questioned how the fairness of the test, and how it is used in college admission. There's also the question of coaching, which many argue gives more affluent students an unfair advantage.

Hear about the new SAT and how it will affect college admissions.


Eric Hoover, senior editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education

Ted Sutton, educational therapist, his op-ed "Analogies Are to SATs What Babies Are to Bathwater" appeared in The Boston Globe

Dr. James Montoya, Vice President, The College Board

Jon Zeitlin, general manager of SAT and ACT programs at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions

This program aired on January 25, 2005.

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