Countering the Insurgency

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photoThe election in Iraq last Sunday was a success overall but the insurgents still pulled off 250 attacks, the highest number for any single day since the invasion. The nine suicide bombers in Baghdad alone were the highest number in any city on one day ever in the Middle East.

The Iraqi insurgency will likely not be placated by the political process. So what will it take to defeat them? The U.S. must change its way of thinking according to one military intellectual, and accept the fact that it is fighting a guerilla war.

Hear about fourth generation warfare and the insurgency challenge, after the election, in Iraq.


Thomas Hammes, Marine Corps Colonel, Senior Military Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University and author of "The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century." From January to March of 2004 Colonel Hammes was responsible for managing bases, facilities and logistics that supported the training and operations of Iraqi armed forces.;

John Poole, author of "Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods" and former instructor of small-unit tactics in the Marine Corps.

This program aired on February 1, 2005.


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