Turbulent Times at the PBS

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photoThe Public Broadcasting Service is much more comfortable airing the news than making it. But a number of issues, cultural and commercial, have PBS back in the headlines.

Costly programming and competition from cable television are causing commercial creep, and the perpetual hunger for funding has public television, hat-in-hand, swimming against the tide in Washington's conservative climate.

Conservatives argue that PBS's programming has a liberal bias and should be balanced with more Republican-leaning shows. Complaints from the other side accuse PBS of buckling to right-wing pressure.

Hear about money, politics, and the future of Public Television.


Eric Boehlert, Senior writer,

Wayne Godwin, excecutive VP and Chief Operating Officer of the Public Braodcasting System

Peggy Charren, Founder of Action for Children's Television (ACT)

Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis, the Media Research Center.

This program aired on February 21, 2005.


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