Cities without Children

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photoCities driven by the ideology of New Urbanism — an alternative to sprawl where people live near work and support neighborhood businesses — have experienced a huge boom in recent years. Now, however, they face a particular challenge.

In many cases, the urban pioneers drawn to the reinvigorated areas are singles who are not entirely vested in their communities, schools, and other public facilities. Once they get married and their kids reach school-age, they retreat from their new urban habitat.

Hear a discussion about the role of children, families, and demographics in the revitalization of cities.


Timothy Egan, roaming national correspondent The New York Times, his article "Vibrant Cities Missing One Thing: Children appeared in Thursday's edition

Gary Blackmer, city auditor for Portland, Oregon

Nicholas Retsinas, director of the Joint Housing Center at Harvard University

Robin Bachin, professor of history at the University of Miami, serves on the board of directors fo the Urban History Association and the Society for American City and Regional Planning History

This program aired on March 25, 2005.


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