Joel Salatin's Beef

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photoAmerican agricultural systems have been dangerously centralized and homogenized according to farmer/ philosopher Joel Salatin.

He is the innovator of the Polyface Farm model (named for his farm in western Virginia). His system starts with a rich and diverse minture of grasses that feed cows that are moved perpetually from one area of the land to another.

From lowly worms to prize pigs, every plant and animal plays a role. He calls himself a "grass farmer" because it all starts with the rich mixture of grasses, the New York Times called him" the High Priest of the Pasture" because he's on to something, and the word is spreading.

On Point goes back to the farm with "permaculturist" Joel Salatin.


Joel Salatin, organic farmer: Fred Walters, Editor of AcresUSA, the nations oldest monthly eco-agriculture magazine.

This program aired on May 4, 2005.


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