First Anniversary of Gay Marriage

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photoOne year ago, gay couples began lining up for marriage licenses in Massachusetts. The next day, hundreds were married.

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of gay marriage in Massachusetts — the sole foothold of gay marriage in the United States. It's been a year of exuberant celebration and powerful backlash.

Hear conversations with gay couples on the eve of their first anniversaries, and a disussion of the gay marriage issue around the nation.


Gina Belafante, features reporter for the New York Times

Susan Shepherd and Marcia Hams, first gay couple to receive a marriage license in the state of Massachusetts

Annette and Amy Whitehead-Pleaux, married on May 17, 2005 in Somerville, MA

Brian Camenker, director of Article 8, a group that lobbies against gay marriage.

This program aired on May 16, 2005.


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