Converting the Corps?

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photoThe United States Air Force Academy is one of the nation's elite military training grounds. It is also no stranger to controversy. Two years ago, the academy was rocked by a sexual assault scandal. Now, it's fighting charges of religious intolerance.

The Air Force Academy appears to have become a stronghold of conservative, evangelical Christianity which is not an issue in and of itself. But now there are reports of aggressive proselytizing and slurs toward non-born-again cadets.

Captain Melinda Morton, one of the Air Force's own chaplains, says that it's "a systemic and pervasive" problem on the Colorado Springs campus.

Hear a discussion about God, and proselytizing and the U.S. Air Force Academy.


Pam Zubeck, reporter with the Colorado Springs Gazette

Melinda Morton, Air Force Academy chaplain

Kristen Leslie, professor at Yale Divinity School

Mikey Weinstein, Air Force Academy graduate and critic of campus evangelism

Lt. Colonel Laurent Fox, director of public affairs at the United States Air Force Academy.

This program aired on May 17, 2005.


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