High Water Mark for the Hard Right?

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photoPresident Bush and Senate majority leader Bill Frist hit a most unlikely buzz saw this week, 14 Senate moderates, including seven Republicans, dramatically intervened in the final hour with a bipartisan compromise that defused the "nuclear option" and derailed the hard right vision of a take-no-prisoners strategy for remaking the Supreme Court.

After years of lockstep majority support on Capitol Hill, President Bush suddenly faces pushback from an angry middle not only on judges but his social security campaign as well. Also, the Terri Shiavo push has failed, the John Bolton nomination has had a rough road, and, Congress is challenging the president on stem cell research. Republican moderates, with John McCain at their head, are reaching for new power.

Hear about the victory for the moderates in the U.S. Senate and whether the GOP's right wing has seen its high water mark.


Peter Cannellos, Washington Bureau Chief for the Boston Globe

Congressman Christopher Shays (R) ConnecticutRobert Kuttner, co-editor of The American Prospect

David Keene, chairman of The American Conservative Union

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and a senior editor for The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on May 25, 2005.


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