Poker Faces

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photoPoker fever has swept America. Many on the Hollywood A-list have caught the poker bug, but the high-stakes game has also found its way into suburbs, on the internet, and on television.

Nowhere has poker fascination taken hold with more force and controversy than among the young. College students, and even high-schoolers are buying in, and they're not playing for bragging rights. There's serious money on the table and experts see danger signs.

Hear about the booming popularity of poker, and where it's taking poker-mad America.


Daniel Habib, staff writer for Sports Illustrated, his special report "Online and Obsessed" appears in the current issue

Daniel Negreanu, professional poker player

Vanessa Selbst, college poker player

Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky, co-director of The International Center for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behavior at McGill University.

This program aired on June 1, 2005.


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