Playing "Murderball"

photoQuadriplegics slamming wheelchairs in a hard-core game of rugby is not a typical Hollywood theme. But when the documentary "Murderball" hit theaters this month, it hit hard and it's challenging our idea of what it means to be paralyzed.

"Murderball" follows a team of tough quad-rugby players who play to win. They drive wheelchairs but these rugby players don't let that get in their way.

Hear a conversation with the director and one of the stars of the new hit ocumentary "Murderball."


Mark Zupan, quad-rugby player for Team USA featured in
the new documentary, "Murderball"

Dana Adam Shapiro, co-director, "Murderball," author of the article in Maxim on
which the documentary is based.

This program aired on July 26, 2005. The audio for this program is not available.


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