Energy Bill - Missed Opportunities

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photoAfter a long wait, the energy bill is finally out of Washington. The House voted on the bill this afternoon and the Senate is expected to do so tomorrow. Afterwards, it goes to President Bush, who is eager to sign.

Many are calling the legislation a bundle of missed opportunities. Looks like Congress blew it on the big issues. The bill also takes no bold steps to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil or to address global warming.

As a result, Americans can forget about increased fuel-economy standards for cars and trucks, the highest levels of renewable energy sources in electricity production, cleaning-up contaminated water supplies across the country, or lower prices at the pumps anytime soon.

Hear about the much anticipated Energy Bill and what is and is not in it.


Charles Babbington, Congressional reporter at The Washington Post

Senator Jeff Bingaman, Ranking Democrat on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Karen Wayland, Legislative Director with the National Resources Defense Council

Susan Tierney, energy consultant at Analysis Group and Commissioner with the National Commission on Energy Policy

Odd-Even Bustnes, Resources Consultant with the Rocky Mountain Institute and co-author of "Winning The Oil End Game: Innovation for Profits, Jobs and Security"

Lou Hayden, Senior Policy Analyst with the American Petroleum Institute.

This program aired on July 28, 2005.


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