Making Gays Straight

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photoThe mission to make gay men and women straight is one that many find controversial. Being gay is not a choice, some say. But a number of evangelical ministries are catering to homosexuals who say they want to leave their same sex desires behind.

These ministries model the treatment of homosexual desires on the treatment of addiction: twelve steps can lead gays to suppress their inappropriate desires, or maybe even to be free of them. Participants, meanwhile, speak of compiling and delivering "moral inventories," lists of every homosexual act or urge they've ever experienced.

Hear a discussion of the evangelical movement to make gays straight.


Alex Williams, style reporter for The New York TimesChristine Sneeringer, Director of Worthy Creations Ministry, which offers support groups for gay people who want to become straight

Joseph Nicolosi, Director of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

Jack Drescher, Chair of the American Psychiatric Association Committee on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual issues

Leah Deriel, recent graduate and engineer who has sought help to stop her strong feelings toward women

Brandon Tidwell, a former client of "Love in Action," a evangelical program in Memphis for gay men and women who want to become straight.

This program aired on July 29, 2005.


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