Blair's New Rules

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photoLast month's London bombings signaled a new front in the war on terror, and on Friday British Prime Minister Tony Blair made clear his new strategy in fighting that war. It will be tough, and less concerned than before with freedoms.

Blair spared all euphemism in delivering the new rules: he will seek to amend human rights laws, if necessary, to make deportation easier. He will ban radical Islamist organizations, and criminalize incendiary speech and extremist mosques. Many shaken Britons appear ready to embrace the changes but not all.

Hear about the crackdown in the UK, and its implications for Europe and the US.


Rob Watson, Defense and Security Correspondent, BBC

Laurence Tribe, professor, Harvard Law School

Paul Rogers, professor of peace studies at the University of Bradford, UK

Gerard Baker, U.S. Editor, The Times of London

Imam Abduljalil Sajid, chairman, Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony UK.

This program aired on August 8, 2005.


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