Saddam Hussein's Day in Court

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photoToday in Baghdad, former dictator Saddam Hussein spent his first day in the dock, on trial, before the Iraqi people and the world. For Iraqis who suffered under his rule this was day one toward justice. For Saddam supporters, it's a show trial, for all the world, it's high drama.

Until two and a half years ago, Saddam was a chilling tyrant, with a genius for terrorizing and slaughtering his own people and tweaking the world's superpowers. Now he's on trial, far from power but still combative.

Saddam faces many days of trial, but from day one it is clear that his strategy is to put the trial itself on trial, and Iraq, the region and the world are watching.

Hear about the trial of Saddam Hussein, day one and beyond.


Michael Scharf, Professor of Law & Director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at Case Western Reserve University School, member of international team training Iraqi Special Tribunal prosecutors & judges and
author of "Peace with Justice"

George Packer, staff writer for the New yorker Magazine and author of "The Assassin's Gate: America in Iraq"

Hunain Kaddo, member of Iraqi parliament.

This program aired on October 19, 2005.


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