After Innocence48:22

This article is more than 15 years old.

No system is perfect, but when the legal system goes awry, the consequences can be mind-bending.

In the last decade, the emergence of ever-more sophisticated DNA testing has thrown a harsh x-ray on criminal convictions in the United States — and on the number of prisoners who should not be in prison.

Now, a first generation of exonerated prisoners is out. They are given a "woops, we're sorry," and maybe five dollars, and shown the prison door. after spending years locked inside.

Hear about the life and minds of the exonerated, back in the world after spending time behind bars.


Jessica Sanders, Director, Producer, Writer of "After Innocence"

Dennis Maher, exoneree from Massachusetts

Vincent Moto, exoneree from Pennsylvania

Jay Carney, prosecutor from Massachusetts

Josh Marquis, prosecutor from Oregon

Nina Morrison, staff attorney for The Innocence Project.

This program aired on October 20, 2005.