What Women Really Want

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By some key measures, they are still the "second sex." American women make up only nine of the Fortune 500's bigtime CEOs, fourteen of the US Senate's hundred members, and ten percent of medical school department chairs.

But by many other measures, the influence and impact of American women is absolutely skyrocketing. Women are now a majority of voters, of college students, of first-time homebuyers. They are deciding elections, reshaping workplaces, and redefining national priorities.

Now, a mixed team of top liberal and conservative pollsters are predicting that women will be the defining power of 21st century America, right into the Oval Office.

Click the listen link to hear a conversation on what women want, and how they're about to get it.


Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster and KellyAnne Conway, Republican pollster, co-authors of "What Women Really Want" How American Women are Quietly Erasing POlitical, Racial, Class and Religoius Lines to Change the Way We Live Now."

This program aired on October 24, 2005.


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