The Rough Side of the American Dream

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photoBy guest host Bob Oakes:

Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Oprah — they're rich and they've run huge empires. Many Americans strive for their success but end up instead working long hours, sleeping too little, sacrificing family, and friends, just to climb a few rungs in society.

Paul Stiles says in his new book that the American dream may be killing us and that we're paying too high a price for our prosperity. It's time, he says, to think again about what America really stands for and what makes us happy — whether it's always getting ahead, or something else.

Hear about the rough side of the American Dream, and the power of the market in our lives.


Paul Stiles, author of "Riding the Bull: My Year in the Madness at Merrill Lynch." His new book is "Is the American Dream Killing You: How 'The <arket' Rules Our Lives."

Samuel Hayes, professor emeritus at Harvard Business School

This program aired on November 3, 2005.


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