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Senator John McCain has a way of writing books when he's gearing up for a run for the presidency. He did it in 1999 with "Faith of My Fathers," in advance of his 2000 run for the White House. George W. Bush won that fight, with a promise to clean up Washington.

Now 2008 is on the horizon, and John McCain is publishing again. His new book is "Character is Destiny." His new fights are with Vice President Dick Cheney over torture, with his own party over deficits, and with professional baseball over steroids. Moreover, Washington hardly looks cleaned up. It doesn't have to be this way, says John McCain.

Hear a conversation with Senator John McCain about politics in Washington, the war in Iraq, and the American character.


U.S. Senator John McCain (Arizona - R)

This program aired on November 7, 2005.


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