Latinologues on Broadway

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For years the stage show "Latinologues" has provided audiences across the country with a series of comic monologues about the Latino experience in America.

Its characters include Buford Gomez, the slightly unhinged and over-aggressive U.S. border patrol agent; Miss Puerto Rico, who'll do just about anything to hold on to her beauty crown — including brandishing a gun; and the macho restaurant worker who brags to Anglo women that it only took him "six short years" to rise from dishwasher to busboy.

The humor of Latinologues comes from Latinos — at the expense of Latinos. And for years it has played to audiences from San Diego to El Paso to Miami. But now Latinologues is on Broadway — pushing into a market where most audiences are white, Anglo and suburban.

Hear about "Latinologues" and the humor of the Latino experience.


Rick Najera, the writer and producer of "Latinologues." He is one of four actors in the current production on Broadway.
The show has been performed across the country and was recently made into a DVD.

Shirley Rumierk, her role in Latinologues marks her Broadway debut. She is also host of the New York info-tainment show "Cool In Your Code."

This program aired on November 18, 2005.


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