The State Healthcare Debate

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As health care costs continue to rise and employer-based insurance coverage continues to shrink, more and more Americans are living without health insurance. It's a problem that afflicts the working poor and a growing share of the middle class.

Now a number of states — from California to Illinois to Connecticut — are working to expand access to health coverage. In Massachusetts a controversial plan — both generous and tough — would require most businesses to provide health insurance to their employees and require all residents to buy health insurance. The ambitious goal: to cover virtually all of the state's half-million uninsured residents.

Can it work? Can it solve a problem that Washington has turned its back on?

Hear how the states are tackling the crisis of the uninsured.


Alan Weil, Executive Director of the National Academy for State Health Policy

Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute

John McDonough, Executive Director of Massachusett's-based Health Care For All

Bill Waczak, CEO of Codman Square Health Center in Boston.

This program aired on November 18, 2005.


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