Maureen Dowd: Are Men Necessary?

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Sharp-elbowed Washington columnist Maureen Dowd puts the knife in often and deep from her place on the op-ed page of the New York Times. She skewered Bill Clinton, and won a Pulitzer Prize in the year of Monica Lewinsky woes.

She has savaged the Bush White House, with withering portraits of bunker-bound "dark daddy" Dick Cheney, and of a hapless, hopeless George W. Bush. She went after her own controversial colleague, Times reporter Judith Miller, who left the paper days later in a cloud.

This fall, the only woman on the Times op-ed page came out with a new book saying feminism itself was a blip and a bust. That has raised a storm worthy of Dowd.

Hear a conversation with New York Timer columnist Maureen Dowd on Bush and men, war and women.


Maureen Dowd, Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times and author of "Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide."

This program aired on December 1, 2005.


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