The Human Face

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photoBy host Tom Ashrbook:

At fifty, Coco Chanel once famously quipped, we have the face we deserve. Well, maybe. Increasingly these days, at almost any age, people seem to have the face they can afford — with botox, nips and tucks and makeovers of every variety, chin implants and new noses and radio frequency face lifts over lunchtime.

Last week, for a woman in France, there was a partial face transplant. The world's first, and surely not its last. If the face tells the story of our lives, our stories are getting homogenized. If the face is the theater of the soul, our souls are getting harder to see.

Hear about the head-turning mechanics and metaphysics of the increasingly manipulated human face.


Daniel McNeill, author of "The Face";
Dr. Robert Rey, LA Plastic Surgeon.;
Manohla Dargis, Film Critic for NYT;
Chuck Close.

This program aired on December 5, 2005.


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