Holiday Revels

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In the great turn of the seasons, the days don't get shorter and the nights don't get longer than on this day. It is December 21st, the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year. Across the northern U.S. today, sunset comes just after 4 pm. In Helsinki, Finland, the sun is gone at 2:30 pm. In Barrow, Alaska, it doesn't come up at all.

For eons, this is a day that the northern hemisphere has spent close to fires and family. For centuries, it's marked a season of music still with us of faith and revelry, music of the hall and hearth, music yearning for the light.

In cities across America, many know that music - of many lands and times — by the music of The Revels.

Hear a celebration of the winter solstice with the music of the Christmas Revels.


George Emlen, Revels Music Director.

Patrick Swanson, Revels artistic director.

Michael Collver, Revels singer.

Daniela Tosic, Revels singer.

This program aired on December 21, 2005.


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