Wiretapping and the Republican Strategy

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One month ago, when word of President Bush's warrantless domestic wiretapping push became public, the buzz was "constitutional crisis." Legal scholars, Democratic opponents, and many conservative Republicans said this was illegal — that it was putting the presidency above the law.

This week, in a bold move that could create precedent for generations, the White House is saying "what about it?" Karl Rove and George Bush have now put their boundary-stretching interpretation of presidential power at the heart of the Republican mid-term election campaign. Yesterday in Kansas, voters cheered.

Hear about security, politics and U.S. presidential power pushed to the limit.


Senator Lincoln Chafee (R) Rhode Island

Congressman Jim Leach (R) Iowa

Mona Charen, syndicated columnist

Bill Schneider, political analyst for CNN

Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University

This program aired on January 24, 2006.


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