NASA and Global Warming

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The lead story on page one of the New York Times last Sunday read: top NASA climate scientist says the Bush administration is trying to stop him from speaking out on global warming.

The scientist is James E. Hansen - NASA's number one climate watcher, who says he's been muzzled on a dire threat facing the planet. The media James Hansen was trying to talk to? Well, yes, it was NPR, as the Times reported, but more specifically, it was us — On Point.

And today he will talk to us about the danger of a different planet being inevitable soon without dramatic action, and the danger of politics cutting the public off from the warnings of their own scientists.

Listen to a conversation with NASA's top climate scientist James E. Hansen — unmuzzled.


Andrew Revkin, Environment Reporter for the New York Times and author of the forthcoming book, "The North Pole Was Here: Puzzles and Perils at the Top of the World";
James E. Hansen, Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University's Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

This program aired on February 3, 2006.


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