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The Dubai port deal may be the headline of the day, but just the other side of Dubai and Iraq war and Rove and Libby and the president's lousy poll numbers, the sun is coming up on a whole new political day.

Standing front and center in the dawn light of the 2008 battle for the presidency are two remarkable figures. Love them or hate them, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are each one of a kind. He is the GOP POW mega-maverick. She is the Democrat who was first lady, now driving to be first woman--president.

It's not too early to imagine — Hillary versus McCain in 200 8, and what it tells us about American politics now.


Gary Langer, David Hill, Republican Pollster

Ryan Lizza, Senior Editor at The New Republic

Gary Langer, Director of Polling for ABC News.

This program aired on March 10, 2006.


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